Why hugs are important for a well-adjusted child
Kids Health

If you've watched your little princess hug her favourite soft toy then you know how priceless hugs can get.  So, go ahead, and make her feel on top of the world with a good old hug. As you cuddle, rock, or even talk Greek to her, she will gain confidence that mama and papa love her more than anything else in this world!

Here are some important reasons to shower your kid with hugs and sweet nothings. 

Promotes Normal Development: 
Babies thrive on that loving touch, and plenty of cooing. Research shows that children who have been deprived of this have slower overall development and behave as if half their age. They could also release unusually high amounts of brain damaging stress hormones and have severe psychological problems. The bottom line: You can never hug your kiddo too much!

Boosts self-confidence and security:
Hugging and whispering sweet nothings will build junior’s self-confidence and sense of security in a way nothing else can. He feels loved from within and totally accepted. As his self-esteem grows, he learns and grasps things far quicker, finds it easy to adjust to the world around him, make friends and interact with the people he sees.

Creates a close bond: 
The more the hugs and pillow talks, the closer you bond with your child. All those cuddles, coos and your soothing, comforting touch build a trusting bond that lasts a lifetime. You will be amazed how effective pillow talks are right through the wonder years, and then the trying teens. But it literally begins in the cradle! Here’s how:

  • Rock him to sleep with a lullaby 
  • While reading aloud a story, hold and cuddle her as you chat about its plot
  • Just sit and talk to him about anything under the sun, stroking his hair and face or sitting arm-in-arm 
  • Train her to swim in a kiddie pool – it will involve a lot of holding, steadying, talking and being close to her 
  • High-fives and wrestling matches to squeezes of the hand and goodnight kisses will keep junior happy  

All this is the ‘language of love’ – so keep chatting, parents!

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