Three tips to get back in shape

Losing weight is never an easy task for most women, especially after pregnancy. Weight gain is a common phenomenon during pregnancy which is natural and healthy for both the baby and mother. But a few months after the arrival of your little bundle of joy you want to throw away those pregnancy pants and slip into your usual clothes. Below are few proven tips for working your way back to your pre pregnancy body.

Get Moving - New moms are generally sleep deprived and tired. Hence, thinking about a routine exercise is out of question and overwhelming for most moms. That is perfectly Ok! All you have to do is move around often. Take a stroll around the garden or go for small walks with your partner every day. Jogging might not be recommended yet, but you can eventually begin to jog. Keep moving and burn those extra stubborn calories.

Sleep when your baby sleeps - Most moms wouldn’t agree with me on this one, but here’s the fact - The more your rest, the faster you will lose those extra pounds. If you don’t get enough rest and sleep, your energy levels will drop and might disturb your metabolism. The best time to catch up on all that lost sleep is when your infant is sound asleep. This will help you keep away all that high sugar naughty food cravings in check.

Breastfeed - Did you know that you might burn calories while breastfeeding your infant? It can burn up to 800 calories every single day. You will still be losing weight by just sitting comfortably and feeding your child. What is more important is that breastfeeding is actually good for your infant by providing numerous health benefits. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated. Consume a lot of fresh fruits and veggies as a part of your diet which will nourish your body and your baby’s as well.

Go slow and steady! Good luck with the weight loss! 

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