Spending New Year with your tod!
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New Year is a time for celebrations. Nobody wants to miss the clock striking 12:00 am and the exchange of New Year wishes with your family and friends. But the big question for parents is, will my toddler stay up late too?

Well, for starters you could introduce him or her to the idea of a new year and all the fun things we do to mark it. Here are some ideas on bringing in New Year with your little one: 

What is a New Year? 

How do you explain the concept of a New Year to a toddler? For one, you could take him through the soon-to-be-old year’s calendar, and point out memorable days down the 12 months. For e.g. the day he took his first step or the day he managed to scribble that first ‘A’ on paper. This will be a happy walk down memory lane. It will not only build a sense of time in junior but also give you a chance to recollect happy moments spent together. 

A wish, a resolution 

New Year is all about a new start, new resolutions. You can talk about this idea and list a couple of your resolutions that your princess can understand. Then let it be her turn. Hers could very well be sweet silly wishes like, “I want a Barbie doll”, “I wish to spend more time with my dog”, or “I need a yummy breakfast”. You or she could pen them on small pieces of colourful paper. You could make a string of these colourful chits and decorate her room with New Year wishes!

Go shopping

Pre-New Year shopping can mean major bonding time with your tot. So sit with her and make a list of party supplies you would want to buy from the market. Ask her opinion too! She will be more than happy to get creative and suggest options for house decoration. Go bananas with balloons, confetti, colourful paper lanterns, streamers, masks, and other fun party accessories. 

Party time

Reserve a slot in the evening amidst the preparation bustle and play ‘New Year’ party with your tod. Invite his friends too! You could prepare delicious snacks with beverages like ice tea or fruit juice. Have a little tete-a-tete about friends, pets, peeves, and anything that comes to mind. For example suggest how he can handle his peers better at a playdate. Or use humour to counsel him on tidiness issues. Keep his favourite munchies at hand for inspiration. 

Have a gala time this New Year!

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