Safe and Sound Diwali

Diwali is less than a month away and soon the streets will be filled with the sounds of crackers. This is a social festival when the children look forward to play with firecrackers and with every year the sheer variety makes it more and more tempting. Unfortunately this is the time when there can be accidents and burn injuries. Follow these tips to have a safe Diwali

  • Avoid keeping open lit diyas inside the house

  • Wear cotton clothes and footwear when it is time to burst crackers and light the sparklers

  • Always burst crackers and sparklers outside

  • Show children how to keep sparklers away from the body after it is lit

  • Use an incense stick to light the crackers. Avoid throwing lit crackers as it may accidentally fall on someone

  • Some crackers can be erratic so make sure everybody keeps a safe distance

  • Rockets, of course, can be fun and also a nightmare. Fire them from open terraces and away from thatched roofs.

  • Make sure you throw the used crackers away from your fresh stock. Put burnt fireworks inside a metal container to safely dispose them later. Do not leave them lying around as it can cause severe burns if stepped on accidentally

  • Don’t keep crackers in your pockets

  • Make sure there is adult supervision when your child wants to celebrate with friends in the block or apartment complex

With fireworks lighting up the sky and lamps driving away the darkness these simple safety measures will ensure you and your child can have a safe injury free Diwali. Nickjr wishes all our dear children and parents a safe and joyous Diwali.

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