Little teeth need a lot of care


Hey parents, do not commit the mistake of neglecting your child’s teeth while your toddler is still sprouting pearly whites.

Taking care of your child’s dietary needs, growth, sleep and learning is vital but so is paying attention to those little 32 things popping out!

Start early:

l  Starting early is the key to good dental hygiene of little ones. Even before they get teeth, soft gums of babies should be maintained well by regular cleaning with a soft washcloth or a baby toothbrush with just water. Starting early ensures strong and decay free gums

l  Start brushing their teeth once they begin to emerge one by one. Regular brushing should be practiced most importantly at night and one other time during the day

l  Use a good fluoride toothpaste with less sugar. Teach and supervise your child while brushing, thus ensuring that they brush gently rather than harshly, and rinse properly after getting done

l  Assist your toddler until she is 6 -7 years old. Mouthwashes and flosses can be introduced after this age

Preventive care:

l  Refrain from keeping the bottle in your child's mouth when he falls asleep. Sugary liquids tend to stick to the teeth and cause decay. If it is must, keep a water bottle

l  Limit intake of juices, sugary drinks and eatables

l  Restrict the use of pacifiers and sippy cups. These accessories facilitate decay and affect the teeth alignment

l  Once the milk teeth show up, regular dental checkups are a must

Teach oral hygiene:

l  Let your child know that brushing teeth is really important and there is no way out

l  Make it more fun by letting them choose their favorite toothpaste and a cute toothbrush, so that they look forward to 'brush time'

l  Brushing time should be when the child isn't too tired or sleepy.

l  Make brushing teeth a fun activity by involving siblings, dad and yourself in it! A group activity is sure to inspire your kids and instill good habits in the process

Make brushing teeth fun and exciting and your kid’s dazzling white smile is sure to brighten up your day!

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