Indian Flag craft activity


The Indian flag brings a sense of integrity and pride and children learn to identify it from a young age. Our tricolored flag has three equal horizontal bands – The top band is coloured saffron representing courage and sacrifice, the middle band is white representing truth and peace the bottom band is green representing prosperity and life. The Ashoka Chakra in the white band in navy blue in colourwith 24 equally spaced spokes represents righteousness and progress.

Drawing and colouring the Indian Flag is an interesting activity much loved by children. Here is one with coloured rice:

Materials required

·  Rice (½ cup for each color)

·  3 Paper Bowls and 3 plastic spoons

·  Food Color: Orange, Green and Navy Blue

·  Newspaper (to dry the rice)

·  Thermocol

·  Glue

·  Pencil, Scale and Blue marker


1.  Take ½ cup rice in each bowl. Add orange, green and navy blue to each bowl and mix carefully with the spoon.

2.  Neatly spread the colored wet rice on 3 different sheets of newspaper and rest to dry (it might take about 20 – 30 minutes to dry).

3.  Meanwhile, take the Thermocol block and equally draw the 3 bands and chakra (wheel) using pencil and scale.

4.  Once the rice is dry, apply glue on the top band of the thermocol and carefully spread the orange rice, followed by green rice on the bottom band and navy blue around the chakra.

5.  Use the Blue marker and make sure there are 24 spokes as it can be hard to create all of them with the rice.

Your Indian flag craft is now ready! Jai Hind!

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