Heat Waves – Summer Health Care

Summer is finally here and everybody is welcoming the hot weather. With blistering heat waves hitting throughout India this summer, umbrellas are considered to be an essential every single day while stepping outdoors.  But how will you protect your little one from these dangerous heat waves during their summer vacations? Why are heat waves a serious problem and a danger to us?

Heat waves generally affect adults over 75, babies and children mostly. Don’t be alarmed! Here are some useful information that will help you and your little one this summer.

Why heat wave is a serious problem?

Heat waves are excessive hot weather prolonged for a long period with high humidity creating a dangerous climatic condition for people to survive. It dehydrates both adults and children and eventually causes heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Overheating can be dangerous for adults and children already suffering from breathing problems.

How to cope in the heat wave?

Remaining cool, comfortable and hydrated is very important during this period. Below are few useful tips to beat the heat!

·  Staying out of the sun is the best tip. Plan your child’s day and yours accordingly. Avoid stepping out in the sun especially during the hottest hours i.e. between 11:00 am to 3:00pm.

·  Drink plenty of water and juice throughout the day to remain hydrated. Avoid coffee, tea or alcohol.

·  Keep your room cool by using light shade curtains for the windows as dark curtains will make the room hotter. Make sure to keep the windows closed until evening to avoid unwanted heat entering the house.

·  Bath yourself more often in a day. Splash cool water and keep your child and yourself sweat free.

·  When stepping out, make sure you and your little one wears loose cotton clothes which are cool. Wear a hat, sun screen with SFP UV protection and shades to be on the safer side.

·  Entertain your child’s day with fun activities indoors to avoid spoiling his vacation. It’s perfectly safe to allow your child to play outdoors during the evenings.

If you or your little one experience breathlessness, weakness or dizziness, kindly seek medical attention immediately.

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