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Learning at Nickelodeon

Christmas spells surprise gifts and Santa’s visits. Do something different and surprise your kid this Christmas. Make him Secret Santa for example. Let him secretly keep gifts under the pillow or tree for his grandparents, uncle and aunt. How sweet a gesture would that be? Imagine the big smiles on X-mas morning when the family sees Santa’s gifts!

To add to the fun, here are a few that are sure to get kiddo into the DIY groove, and foster the Christmas spirit this year-end.

Dear deer

Things you will need: A broad cardboard roll from a used tissue paper or aluminium foil roll; plain red and white paper; brown-coloured, patterned paper; glue; two straws; pipe cleaners; scissors; black felt pen.

Cover up the cardboard roll with glue and the patterned or plain brown paper, and place it upright. From the same paper cut out a triangle for the deer’s head and two oval shapes for the ears. Paste the triangle head on the top of the cardboard. Next, paste the ears on either side of the head. Use red and white coloured papers to cut out round eyes, and a larger round red nose. Use black felt pen to make eyeballs. Glue the red nose to the tip of the triangle. Use straws and pipe cleaners for making the many-pronged antlers. You can place brown or red pipe cleaners inside the two straws, bend and twist them to create antlers, and then paste them behind the triangular head of the deer.

Make a few reindeer in this way and place them upright on your Christmas tree, or prop them up on a bed of fluffy cotton-snow.

Christmas stockings

Things you will need: Coloured or patterned paper, glue, stapler, felt paper, colourful buttons,.

Make stunning yet simple stockings using just a few things. First, cut out two equal sock shapes from the colourful paper. Stick colourful buttons on one side. Stick the two sock shapes with glue at the edges, and then staple them half inch in, all along the sides. Leave the top open. Make a loop of felt paper at the top corner so you can hang the stocking decoration easily.

Matchbox decoration

Things you will need: 4- 5 large matchboxes, decorative paper, glue, scissor, strings or ribbons.

Place the matchboxes in the desired square or rectangular shape. Measure the “box” and cut out the right size of decorative paper for covering it. Use glue to cover the box so that it resembles a “gift”. Decorate it with glitter, and ribbons. There – you have a beautiful box to pretty up the Christmas tree!

Doing these festival-related craft activities will bring Christmas alive for your champ in a fun way. After all it's the little things that count.

Merry Christmas folks!

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