Foster independence in your pre-schooler
Preschool Milestones


“I CAN eat by myself!” And so your pre-schooler feeds herself either dripping the breakfast or eating really slowly. You on the other hand are getting worried about the school bus.

Parents, this is a normal scenario. And we know that you certainly want to bring out the independent side of your child - but for the 'time and patience’ crunch!

Pre-schoolers are now slowly displaying their independent streak. No wonder it is a daunting task for you. But give your kid some time and space and watch how beautifully she blossoms into an independent child!

Develop a Routine:

You may have a routine in place right now, but most of it is likely to be a crazy schedule of wants and needs at the eleventh hour. It’s time to create a new, school-friendly routine and motivate your child to participate.  You could spend the weekends or the evenings discussing the next morning’s breakfast, the clothes or the hair ties or the socks to be worn etc. This way, you will set junior’s expectations of school days, definitely bring some predictability and will slowly develop a smooth stress-free routine.

Present Opportunities:

Give your little one opportunities to do simple tasks - be it buttoning the shirt, brushing teeth or combing hair. Take into consideration that these tasks will require more time when done by him. Hence, start your morning routine ten-fifteen minutes earlier. This will give them some space and time to do things their own way.

While you can always be present as a helping hand, remember that kids take a great amount of pride in doing little things on their own.

Set Goals:

Set simple goals that sound exciting for your pre-schooler - like little household chores or hobby activities. This could be something as easy as letting her make her own bed. Self-confidence is the key to being independent. Not only will your child learn doing things by herself, she will be all set for her pre-school with a significant amount of independence.

Mistakes and Appreciation:

Your pre-schooler is innocent and eager to try new things and take in new experiences.

So, loosen up a bit on perfection and mistakes and let your child give a shot to ‘trial and error’. Give advice and tips whenever required, thus making sure he learns through his own mistakes.

Also, appreciation plays a big role in motivating junior to do things. Especially, when you want him to be independent.

Lastly, patience plays an important role in making your child feel confident and self-reliant about doing things. Practice a little more patience and give your kid increasing responsibilities to bring out the independent little self in him!
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