Eight steps to wean baby from bottle

Photo: Getty ImagesPhoto: Getty Images

Taking the plunge from bottle to sipper cup is another milestone in your baby’s life. It can either be a very easy step or take weeks for the baby to let go the comfort of sucking liquids from the bottle.

  • The first step is to ask if you are ready to spend that little extra time to make your baby comfortable. Don’t start this process if you are in the middle of moving home, returning to your job or in any other stressful situation.

  • Buy a colourful sipper, fill it with your child’s favourite juice and give it at meal times. Let the child enjoy the experience.

  • Don’t let your baby feel that the sipper cup is an alternate to the bottle.

  • Give the baby an extra hug and kiss when she drinks the juice or water from the sipper cup.

  • Keep a separate sipper cup for milk and introduce it for the morning feeding schedule.

  • Keep brightly coloured cups and pour juice or milk into the cup in front of the baby. Let the baby participate in the process.

  • If baby insists on bottle then assure baby that the bottle will be given for the next schedule.

  • Be consistent and don’t despair. It will happen – your baby will start drinking from a cup one day!

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