Clothes for your newborn during summers

It is important to dress your newborn summer baby in the right clothes. Rashes or sores are one of the most common complains.

Loose fitting clothes

Never dress your newborn in tight or fitting clothes. Let the skin breathe and get aired. Most of the skin complains can be solved when the baby’s skin gets ample amount of air.

Cotton clothes

Cotton fabric is the best for the summers. Preferably, loose tops made from old clothes are the most comfortable for the baby’s skin but if you have bought new clothes, then first soak them in water overnight and/or wash them with tap water. This will remove the stiffness from the clothes.

Light colors

Choose light colors like white, yellow, light green, sky blue, baby pink, etc. for your newborn. These colors won’t absorb much heat, avoid black and all dark colors during the summers.

Avoid accessories

Caps, socks, mittens, etc. should be avoided during the summers. You child needs to feel comfortable and accessories will make him feel hot and he/she may get cranky.


During daytime, you can wrap your baby in an old cotton or muslin cloth and tie a nappy. If he/she still sweats, you can leave him/her just in nappies.

If your child is too hot

A warm skin, a flushed face, rapid breathing and a cranky child are the sings that your baby is too hot. You can bathe him/her with tap water or give a sponge bath and put on fresh and light clothes.

Avoid diapers

During daytime, if you are at home, avoid using diapers. Sometimes, you can even leave your newborn without nappies too and let his skin get enough air. It is important that the skin folds get aired properly.

These simple yet helpful tips will ensure that your child feels light and conformable during summers.


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