Butterfly Art

With summer holidays happily stretching over the next few months every mom’s priority is how to keep their little one engaged and happy. Craft making, painting, reading are the best activities for those long summer afternoons.

There is something irresistible about handprints and footprints of your little one. In just a blink these tiny feet and hands get bigger and this project is a precious way of preserving these golden moments and years.

What you will need

·  A large white cardboard

·  Some bright colorful paints

·  A thick brush

·  Your child’s clean feet!

Let’s create a beautiful butterfly!

·  Paint your child’s right foot using any color he likes with a thick brush. It might be ticklish for your little one.

·  Now place the painted foot on the white cardboard making an impression of the foot.

·  Similarly, paint the left foot with the same color and place it next to the print of the right foot. You should align the prints to make them look like wings of a butterfly.

·  Paint your child’s finger with a different color each time to decorate the wings with dots.

·  Finally, use a finger to draw the antenna of the butterfly and leave the painting to dry.

Your beautiful footprint butterfly is ready for display!

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