Ballet with your toddler
Age-by-age Activities

Has watching your four-year-old groove to the rhythm of her favourite song made you think of enrolling her for ballet classes? You feel she’ll grasp a new skill and get down to some physical exercise as well? But, then again, you debate, wouldn’t most dance schools call this ballet class pre-ballet or creative movements, with the real lessons following only a year or two later? Take it easy! Why not start your own stimulating class from the easy comfort of your living room instead? With mom as an instructor, your little girl will eagerly try out ballet’s varied positions.

Here are some basic ballet moves your little girl can stretch to. So, go on, play her favourite song and let the pas de deux begin.

Toe touches

Maintain your toddler’s natural flexibility with simple stretches. Guide her to sit on the floor with straight knees and reach for her toes. Then, show her how to lie on one side and hold one leg in the air, keeping her knees straight and her toes pointed. Ask her to hum along as she picks up speed.

Hop it up

Now, get her feet off the ground with some simple hopping and jumping exercises. Though they may take a bit of skill to master, she will be thrilled with this challenge. Let her take on the avatar of a friendly frog and hop around the room on all fours. Or jump off the floor with both feet together like a baby kangaroo!

Tap dance

Most kids love to stamp their foot hard on the floor and march like a soldier. Prod your girl to raise her knees as high as possible and march around the room to the beat of her favourite song.

Body stretch

Extending and stretching her body with the help of mind games will improve her flexibility. So, fire her imagination by asking her to dream she’s a tree blowing in the wind. Show her how to reach her arms high above the head and sway back and forth.

Begin with basics

Take the liberty to teach your tot the basic positions of ballet as and when she is able to perform them. Start with the position where she has to grasp a small chair, place her heels together, and turn out the toes. As she gets older and is able to control her feet, move on to other positions. She will gradually master the basic positions of ballet.

There’s nothing better than moms to introduce tiny tots to ballet! 

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