Baby’s development through fun activities
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Babies need constant stimulation around them. This helps them absorb information at that tender age. Simple games can help your baby gain an understanding of things around.

We present some amusing games that can help your baby's development:

l  Rattle and Ball Play: Clinking rattles are a great way to catch your baby’s attention and help her develop an acute sense of sound during the initial months. As the baby grows up, you can introduce a soft ball to hold on to. See what she tries to do with it and introduce a game of rolling or bouncing the ball. This will contribute to her muscle development as well as hand-eye co-ordination.

l  Peekaboo: The classic peekaboo not only brings on a lot of giggles, but also makes way to develop ‘newborn’ reflexes. The disappearing and reappearing act helps the baby understand that you are gone only for a second and will reappear again. This helps a lot when you are stuck doing a chore.

l  Baby Sounds: Try talking like your baby, making the cute gurgling and purring sounds that he makes. When you start acting like a baby yourself it assures your little one that actions and giggles are fun and acceptable. This not only develops confidence, but also helps him discover the power of communication through sounds and actions.

l  Playful Jig & Singing: A joyful jig or a slow dance with your sweetie can help bonding as well as discovery of body rhythm. Even singing for your baby can boost her mood or soothe her when she is in pain or is sleepless. Exposing babies to different types of music can actually help in their personality development and give them a sense of rhythm at an early age.

Not just music, but silly tunes made up by you can make the baby want to connect with you through the sound and rhythm of the tune.

l  Nursery Rhymes: Theseare great tools of learning. Even if babies cannot understand words yet, clapping and making happy moves while singing rhymes can help them develop in a lot of key areas. The repetition of simple words will help develop language, while clapping ensures active gross development. The movements that you make will also inspire your angel to become active as he tries to emulate them.

Your baby is waiting to learn the next best thing through these delightful activities!
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