A safe bed for baby
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There isn’t a more beautiful sight than your baby sleeping blissfully in her bed. And that bliss certainly comes from mamma’s comforting lullaby and daddy’s loving, rocking arms. With this, your kiddo also needs a good bed to help her sleep and be safe during the night.

Here are some dos and don’t that will help you make a cosy sleeping bed:

  • While your little prince charming sleeps almost instantly by your side, do not make him sleep on your bed; a cradle, bassinet or crib are the safest beds for your child; always transfer your sleeping tod to his rightful bed

  • Ensure that your baby sleeps on her back

  • The sleep nest should be empty, except for a well-fitted mattress and a soft sheet over it

  • Avoid using quilts, heavy blankets, comforters or soft toys in bed; keep it clutter-free

  • Instead of using thick blankets, you can dress her in cosy clothes and cover her with a light cotton sheet

  • Always keep your baby’s head and face uncovered

  • Tuck in blanket ends firmly to avoid gathering in one place

  • Ensure the room’s window curtains, blinds and shades are away from your little one’s bed

  • Always place the bed against a wall, ensuring doors, lamps, windows, electric plugs and cords, small things like vases or table clocks etc. are far away from the bed

Your baby's bed should be comfortable for a sound sleep. We are sure our tips will help you make one
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