10 Relishing Summer Drinks for Children

Does your little one detest the heat and humidity this summer? With the mercury soring high and summer in its full swing, who really doesn’t hate the heat? Kids are mostly outdoors during summer’s hence making sure they stay hydrated is equally important. Expecting them to consume plain water is simply out of question.

Don’t worry! Below are 10 relishing homemade drinks that will keep you and your children refreshing and relaxed this summer.

1.  Sweet Lassi is basically sweet yogurt that is considered quite a refreshing drink during the summer. It keeps y our body cool and hydrated.

2.  Jaljeera Drink is a spiced drink which is delicious and acts as a great appetizer too. It is generally a mint and spice flavored lemonade.

3.  Badam Milk is a delicious and nutritious drink. It is packed with almonds and saffron, making it one of the most exquisite drinks for summer. It is best when served cold.

4.  Butter Milk isa healthy drink which avoids dehydration and indigestion. Flavored butter milk with spices like ginger, coriander leafs and peppers are in demand today.

5.  Aam ka panna is a popular drink for hot and humid summer days. It is made of raw mango pulp which brings a cooling effect against the dry, hot and humid wind.

6.  Nimbu Pani is one of those classical drinks from around the globe but with an Indian twist. It is a terrific thirst quenching drink which is refreshing and will keep you alert.

7.  Sattu Drink is a unique Bhojpuri drink with a good source of nutritious elements in it. It can be consumed as an energy drink which keeps your body fit and energetic. 

8.  Tender Coconut Water is a super drink any day. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals which keeps you healthy, nourished and hydrated. It helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism.

9.  Kokum Juice is a purple colored plum like fruit which is available only in India. A glass of this juice prevents dehydration, improves appetite and helps clean the blood in your body.

10.  Fruit Juice made of any fruits helps replenish all the lost fluids from your body during the summer. Watermelon, sugarcane, mango, cucumber, orange, mosambi are great summer fruits.

Have a refreshing summer!!!

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