10 reasons why every Mom should be given the superhero award

10 reasons why every Mom should be given the superhero award!

A mom is super special and multitasking is her middle name. Know the reasons here.

Always available

No matter what is the time of the day, a mom will always be there for her kids and family when they need her. Sometimes, even before they know they will need her!

Manage impossible no. of tasks

A mom has the super-ability to accomplish numerous tasks in set time, and do them all meticulously, and without losing her temper. Well, until later.

Always knows what to do when

Moms are Ms Fixit! A dress is torn, a toy is broken, a knob is hanging lose, or stains refuse to budge, moms can take care of almost everything in the house. They know how to fix things and also to fix a smile on her child’s face.

Quick shower, quicker at finishing meals

If a mom were to participate in one-minute games, she will be the winner hands down. She has one minute only to take a shower, one minute to trim her nails, blow dry her hair or fix her face, she is done and smiling.

Knows what will happen in the future

Haven’t we heard our moms say, ‘I told you so’? Well, you can’t blame mothers as they know exactly what will happen in the future and how it will happen. We better listen to them and be prepared.

Little nourishment but super energetic

Hardly will you see your mother eating with leisure. Rarely, is she seen enjoying her meals, mostly it’s a case of grab and gobble.

Doesn’t gross out easily

She will sniff and peel her eyes to check the color of your stool and what have you vomited. So she can tell the doc, what was digested and what got thrown out. Nothing grosses her out!

Sharp eyes and super hearing ability

If you are wearing the same t-shirt you wore last evening, or have a speck of dirt on your nose, your mom can easily spot it. You can’t hide anything from your mother. And she can hear what are you murmuring about and know what kind of sound is coming from where.

Knows when the kid is going to be sick

If you have a red eye, or a warm body, your mom will notice it immediately. She knows the moment you are going to be sick. And she is right most of the time.

Knows when you are lying

Oh well, never try this one. You can never lie and get away from your mom’s piercing eyes. She brought you into this world, she knows when you are hiding or lying.

So, a mom is a superhero unanimously!

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