Bubble Puppy House
In the Build Me a Building episode, the Guppies learn that with the right materials and tools, they can build just about anything--even the greatest doghouse EVER! Now your kids can do the same. We'll supply the materials and preschoolers can use their hands as tools. Let's get building!
Parent Supervision Needed

  • Bubble Puppy House printables 
  • Light cardboard (such as a cereal box)
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper (optional)
  • Crayons or markers (optional)


·  Step 1: Print out the Bubble Puppy House Printables. We recommend printing the house structure template, slide, and Bubble Puppy printable on heavy-weight paper, and all other printables on sticker paper. If you don't have sticker paper, glue will work just as well.

Paste the house and roof on light cardboard and allow to dry. Once dried, cut out the image.

·  Step 2: To create the house, fold along the lines as indicated, starting from the edges. Fold down the flaps and apply glue. Then connect the flap labeled "A" to the side labeled "A" and the flap labeled "B" to the side labeled "B."

Fold the roof along the black line and apply glue to the top flaps on the house to attach the roof.

·  Step 3: Cut out the stickers and help your child decorate the house.

Kids can even create a placemat for the home by adding colored construction paper or by coloring in white construction paper in the colors of their choice. Then they can decorate it with stickers and place the finished house on top of the placemat.

When your child is done decorating, cut out Bubble Puppy, fold where indicated and glue the two sides together.

The dog house is complete--it's time for Bubble Puppy to move into his new home!

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